- Aptech Certified Network Specialist

Aptech's Certified Network Specialist (ACNS) is a One & half year course which will help you stay ahead, today and tomorrow. A network Specialist has a highly responsible job, not only in manageing a company's vital informtion infrastructure, but also in keeping out security threats. The course is an intensive one with practice and assessment laboratory workshops, designed for better employability in the real world. It offers opportunities for vender certifications and even becoming a server administrator. The course gears you up for an easy entry into the field as a job-ready professional and build a successful career as a Network Specialist.

Certification: Aptech Certified Hardware Specialist (ACHS)

Job Profiles: Hardware Specialist


  1. - Digital Electronics
  2. - Fundamentals of Computer Hardware and Networking
  3. - PC Configuration and Troubleshooting

Certification: Aptech Certified Network Administrator (ACNA)

Job Profiles: Network Administrator


  1. - Networking Essentials
  2. - Routing Technology
  3. - Workin with Windows Operating System

Certification: Aptech Certified Network Manager (ACNM)

Job Profiles: Network Manager


  1. - Configuring a Network Infrastructure
  2. - Windows Server Administration
  3. - Advanced Windows Server Services Configuration
  4. - eProject

Certification: Aptech Certified Cloud Architect (ACNS)

Job Profiles: Cloud Architect


  1. - Designing and Implementing a Windows-based Server
  2. - Implementing a Windows-based Advanced Server Infrastructure
  3. - Private Cloud Configuration
  4. - Monitoring a Private Cloud System
  5. - eProject

Certification: Aptech Certified Database Manager (ACNS)

Job Profiles: SQL Server - Database Manager


  1. - Database Management using SQL Server
  2. - Database Administration using SQL Server
  3. - Data Warehouse Implementation using SQL Server
  4. - eProject

Certification: Aptech Certified Security Specialist (ACNS)

Job Profiles: Security Specialist


  1. - Network Security
  2. - Remote Access Solutions
  3. - Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security
  4. - Ethical Hacking
  5. - eProject

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