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Getting to Know (and Love) CSS

  Posted by henyge, 27 Apr, 2016

Cascading Style Sheets are an exciting—and complex—
addition to your web-building toolkit, worthy of entire
books and websites. For example:
• For an excellent tutorial on CSS, visit W3 Schools’ CSS
tutorials at www.w3schools.com/css/.
• If you want to get help and learn more about CSS, the
Sitepoint CSS Forums (www.sitepoint.com/forums/
css-53/) are always busy with advice from a great
community of CSS enthusiasts.
• Sitepoint also provides a great online CSS reference
at http://reference.sitepoint.com/css. This site is a
dictionary-like resource of all CSS properties, including
information on which browsers support which
CSS properties.
• You’ll also find a helpful collection of wisdom generated
on the CSS-Discuss Wiki at http://css-discuss.
incutio.com. This site provides insider tips, tricks, and
resources for solving many common CSS problems.
• For the ultimate source of information, turn to the
World Wide Web Consortium’s website: www.
w3.org/Style/CSS. The W3C is the body responsible
for many of the standards that drive the Web—including
HTML and CSS. (Beware: This site is the ultimate
authority on the matter, and reads like a college physics
• For a great list of CSS-related sites, visit the Information
and Technology Systems and Services website
at the University of Minnesota, Duluth: http://tinyurl.
• If you just love to curl up by the fireplace with a good
tech book, try CSS: The Missing Manual by David Mc-
Farland (hey, that name rings a bell!). It’s written in
the same style as this book, with in-depth coverage of
CSS and step-by-step tutorials that guide you through
every facet of this complicated technology.
CSS may sound like a cure-all for HTML’s anemic formatting
powers, but truth be told, it’s a bit tricky to use. For
example, CSS support varies from browser to browser, so
you need to test your pages thoroughly on a variety of

Fortunately, Dreamweaver is better than ever at displaying
complex CSS-based designs, so you can develop your general
design in Dreamweaver and then use its preview feature
to fine-tune your designs for different browsers. Even
better, use Adobe’s BrowserLab service to generate screenshots
of your page taken from a wide range of browsers on
both Windows and Mac computers. hello

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