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What is XAMARIN? Is it a framework? Or compiler? Or is it a just a code translator?

  Posted by henyge, 08 Oct, 2016
The Xamarin platform consists of a number of elements that allow you to develop applications for iOS and Android:

1. C# language – Allows you to use a familiar syntax and sophisticated features like Generics, Linq and the Parallel Task Library.
2. Mono .NET framework – Provides a cross-platform implementation of the extensive features in Microsoft’s .NET framework.
3. Compiler – Depending on the platform, produces a native app (eg. iOS) or an integrated .NET application and runtime (eg. Android). The compiler also performs many optimizations for mobile deployment such as linking away un-used code.
4. IDE tools – The Xamarin Studio IDE and the Xamarin plug-in for Visual Studio allow you to create, build and deploy Xamarin projects.

In addition, because the underlying language is C# with the .NET framework, projects can be structured to share code that can also be deployed to Windows Phone.

The beauty of Xamarin is that despite the differences under the hood, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (coupled with Microsoft’s Windows SDKs) offer a seamless experience for writing C# code that can be re-used across all three platforms.

Business logic, database usage, network access and other common functions can be written once and re-used on each platform, providing a foundation for platform-specific user interfaces that look and perform as native applications.

Xamarin development can be done in either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio. The IDE you choose will be determined by the platforms you wish to target.

Because Windows apps can only be developed on Windows, to build for iOS, Android, and Windows requires Visual Studio for Windows. However it's possible to share projects and files between Windows and Mac computers, so iOS and Android apps can be built on a Mac and shared code could later be added to a Windows project.

A key benefit of using Xamarin is that the application user interface uses native controls on each platform, creating apps that are indistinguishable from an application written in Objective-C or Java (for iOS and Android respectively).

When building screens in your app, you can either lay out the controls in code or create complete screens using the design tools available for each platform.

The Xamarin platform allows re-use of existing C# code across all platforms as well as the integration of libraries written natively for each platform.

Source: developer.xamarin.com

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